Monday, 24 October 2016

Travelling the Philippines: Affordable and Convenient

Let’s face it. Traveling the Philippines is not as easy as it seems compare other countries. Because of its archipelagic topography, it’s hard to travel from one island to another without spending some expenses which can be a problem to some. But with the right budget and vast knowledge with what you’re visiting, you can make it possible.

The Philippines has 7,107 islands and it is impossible to travel it by yourself. What if you don’t have time to plan because of the limited allotted only for your families and stuffs? Therefore, it is recommended to consult a travel agency.

Travel Agencies are the primary source for travel resources for both normal individuals and tourist service providers. It’s their job to the promote all travel essential for both business and leisure travelers including:  hotels, ferries and airlines among other travel needs. The role of a travel agent is to make the process of designing a trip as stress-free as possible. They provide clients professional, personalized service and expertise to fulfill their travel requests.

But guess what? You can also travel the country on your own because it is affordable, easy and convenient.


Land transportations in the Philippines like buses and jeepneys are not that expensive. They often cost 20 to 100 pesos, depending on your destination. Air and Sea Transportation like ferries and airplanes, on the other hand, might have a problem especially for a budget-friendly. But, air and sea transportation save a lot of travel time compare to land.

Everyone can afford food. It’s not that much of a problem during your stay in the country. The prices range from 50 to 100 pesos per person that will surely everyone’s tummy.
Hotel accommodations is not that much of a trouble too. Hotels and hostels in most visited tourist spots are available around the place. But it is better to book early before your arrival so that you can save time and avoid being rushed.

Visiting the Philippines is very convenient. Boracay Island, also known as one of the world’s famous beaches, is the living example that visiting the country can be convenient. The island alone recorded a number of 1 million tourist arrivals last year and some says that it will continue to expand for the next following years.

The Philippines is a country where the tourism sector is a top priority. Blessed by wonderful natural and man-made places, it is their job to preserve it for the next generations to come. It is also their duty to satisfy the arriving tourists to help them feel at home while being convenient.
Along with the change in technology, the role of travel agencies is changing too. The Internet has provided us regular individuals with all the resources that a travel agent has. Regular individuals like you or me are now able to book tickets, search for hotels and learn your destination’s history. The only difference is that we only have access to the resources available online.

Lastly, if you want to travel Philippines, you can do it on your own which can improve personality development, but it is much different and better with a travel agency because they will surely manage your budget and time which is recommended for people who don’t want to be stressed. If you want a travel agency to help you, visit so we can help you plan your next destination and for your other traveling needs.


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